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East West is a US based merchant bank partnering with qualified companies in the real estate, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, IT and fundamental infrastructure sectors. We invest and leverage U.S. capital markets to finance companies in Asia with a focus on South East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

We believe that by integrating eastern and western finance, cultures, people, and platforms, we can provide our partners an environment where they will grow and flourish. Our geographic focus is on countries with low political risk and explosive growth potential .

Our hyper-local contacts in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Rim and the United States create unique global opportunities for our partners that are otherwise not available.
We connect US Capital with Asian Companies:
Building and Raising Value
Our Strategy
Unlock equity and debt for qualified candidates that have a pathway for rapid growth and liquidity through a public offering on U.S. exchanges.
Key Metrics
- Established products and markets
- Competitive advantage
- Growth through expansion or new businesses
- Strong management team and governance
- Proprietary business methods and analytics


Lightbulb Assembly
5B Technologies
AT&T Capital Corporation
Atlas Capital Partners
BA Securities Inc.
Bank of New York
Banque National de Paris
Barclays Bank NA.
Barclays Capital
Barclays Private Bank
CMA Corporation
Data Broadcasting
Deer Consumer Products
Dime Savings Bank
Goldman Sachs
Harmonic Conversion Capital
Houlahan / Lawrence
Illington Fund Management
Interpool, Inc.
Jastec International, Inc.
Lithium Boron Technology
Live Oak Investments
Merrill Lynch
National Boston Medical
Nations Bank
RT-SET America
Tropico Management
US Industries
Whitehall Partners

Billions of dollars of funding and acquisitions experience

Co Founder
Hartadinata Harianto
Mr. Harianto brings an extensive background in investment banking, private investments in real estate, hotels, manufacturing and technology to East West. He manages multiple investments for a prominent family office throughout the world including Indonesia, United States and Europe. He has held positions in a major West Coast investment bank and a prominent family office.
Co Founder
Robert Newman
Mr. Newman has held positions in large commercial and investment banking firms and a leading international law firm in New York. He has extensive experience in the capital markets and has worked in the treasury and global asset management divisions of  leading commercial banks.  Mr. Newman is an attorney and established a boutique New York City law firm focused on funding Asian companies.
Co Founder
Cameron R. Hume
Cameron Hume has served as United States Ambassador to Algeria (1997-2000), South Africa (2001-2004), and Indonesia (2007–2010). Ambassador Hume was a member of the United States Foreign Service, rank of Career Minister. His earlier assignments included Italy, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, the United Nations, and the Holy See. He is a lawyer and admitted to practice in New York and the District of Columbia.

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Diversified Ventured

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